Absolute best!

“I’ve been getting massages for years for a bad back. They’ve been nice, sure, but nothing compared to what I got here. Kura is an absolute goddess, wizard, whatever you want to call her. I went in with a back that was more stiff and painful than I’ve pretty much ever had it and she completely worked through it. For the first time in weeks I was able to sleep soundly without waking up in pain. For the first time, I truly felt as if what I paid for the massage was actually too LOW for the services rendered. She was attentive, made sure everything she was doing was the right pressure and the right place, and didn’t steamroll ahead if I was uncomfortable. Unfortunately, this is a quality that seems hard to find in massage therapists–forunately, Kura has it. Not only that, but she is the nicest person. I don’t talk to massage therapists usually, but Kura was a joy to talk to, so much fun to listen to and was somebody I looked forward to seeing again. At the end of my appointment, she suggested that I come in soon again because my back was still very tight, but she did NOT give me a hard sell. In fact, quite the opposite; I’m a recent grad who is struggling to find work so I can’t easily afford frequent massages, and she did not once pressure me to come in. Simply gave me the information about my back and told me that she’d love to see me if/when I was able to come back. I can’t recommend this place enough.”

-Natalie H., Newport Coast, CA.